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Who's not in love with that woman? Seriously. Who.


fuck yes I used to be a cynical dude
had myself a shitty attitude which didn't improve
until I found about an ounce of some ridiculous shrooms
and cracked my head open to some primitive truth
on spherical floor with an infinite roof
spinning in space, I look out and grin at the moon
lately, I live my life simple and smooth
grateful for the galaxy that gives me this food
stay tuned to little hidden physical cues
and listen to the bullshit your children consume
too addicted to stupid, derivative loops
to really understand intangible original moves
don't hate what I make cuz it tastes different to you
this is me, and my soul, flipping the groove
with rapid rhymes cuz that's what I'm conditioned to do
spitting images too intricate to fit in this booth
used to have dreams about starting the movement
a revolt of the poets, the artist and students
but the kids act up, and that's part of the blueprint
just like public schools and the cars and the music
I learned this Leary and Marshall McLuhan
if you see me as an easy target, you're stupid
I lost you in Dallas, departed from Houston
stay awake and alive, cuz martyrs are useless
it's been a long time...and I'm glad that I left you
I been practicing chess moves and snacking on fresh fruit
spit spirals of visual art then rip it apart
before it hits the critics and sharks
who want me framed, wombats cannot be tamed
copied, changed or wrapped up and bought today
just walk away...I'll never change what I created
for the sake of entertainment, y'all can pay me when I'm famous
I follow this path because it's all that I have
and it's an obvious fact you got a problem with that
and so be it...yeah, you people get some lawyers
I got some Aretha divas and Shiva the destroyer
half mathematician, half black magician
surpass the limit of this holographic image
used lab technicians keeping track of facts and fiction
used to lack conviction, now I make an active difference
stand back cuz this is more than raps I've written
it's patterns, rhythms, equations and vacuum physics
tracks so vivid critics have to listen
got your favorite rapper sniffing outside the master's kitchen


from Algorhythms, released February 2, 2008
Produced by Dr. Quandary.

Hippie bullshit manifesto by Thirtyseven.





Algorhythms is a psychedelic rap duo, featuring lyrics by Thirtyseven and beats by Dr. Quandary.

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