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Graph Paper

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some people starve to death over numbers in computers
some people eat to death, cuz they're nothing but consumers
some people read the news, but they never make connections
some people lose their minds trying to separate the messages
chillax, fall back on your genetic design
let it unwind, learn to feel it's breath on your spine
cuz if it happens, it happened, and I am not concerned
watched it burn, f-f-f-finally at a loss for words
rappers know the status quo is wack and so
here's a rallying cry for talented guys to challenge their minds
magnum opus off the opening riff
wrote it so quick it folded a mobius strip
this is basic stuff, language that I tangled up
thanks to crazy drugs, I came to love the taste of blood
when I say that humans are food, it's not selfish at all
you adapt or die, I'm just here to help you evolve
and maybe give the hand of god a small push in random spots
reshaping the tree of life, breaking dead branches off
systems, divisions, conditions, restrictions
get 'em addicted, and people start spreading the sickness
infected the electrical feed that God connected to me
from secret weapons in Greece to Pepsi vending machines
held my mind perfectly still with hash vapors
empty lines and verses I built on graph paper


from Algorhythms, released February 2, 2008
Produced by the illustrious and mysterious Dr. Quandary

Lyrics and spittle provided by Thirtyseven





Algorhythms is a psychedelic rap duo, featuring lyrics by Thirtyseven and beats by Dr. Quandary.

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