Love Supreme

by Algorhythms

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... off the record Algorhythms on a hidden jam
never asking for permission, we just did the damn
do it on the regular and live it, it’s religion, man
that sounds dope until you’re LIVING IN THE FRICKING VAN
I don't wanna lose the business off a risky chance
like I don't wanna lose the vision in the business plan
you gotta stick with your convictions when you build a brand
... so I don't question your commitment to your little scam
but I don't need to switch my image up for kids who can't
follow the flow in my transition to a different man...
tests and questions, thinking through my big exam
but I'm a sucker for a hickey and some sticky hands
you can catch me in the kitchen with some pretty fans
forget this party, I'm convincing her to ditch her man
be in our video, we’ll film it in a crypt in France
quick and bland, this guilt is gonna kill my buzz
... built it up, out of skills and a Will to Love
fill your cups, have a schwill for the filthy drunk
I’m sober now, that was hard but I made it happen
... step one, kickstarted a chain reaction
step two, next move is getting paid for rapping
free tracks don’t defeat that, thanks for asking
throw me a loop I’ll shoot for beautiful truth
too honest to win, too human to lose
do what we do, its mostly music and food
the equipment is exquisite but the view could improve
toured from Boston to Berlin to Jupiter’s moons
and oh yeah, Utica, too... I’m losing it, dude
cracks in the paint, after going back a few days
there’s gaps in the tape, I make above average mistakes
...and off the record, Algorhythms hasn’t drop yet
hopped states, job changes, tricky concepts
made songs in crayon and scribbled bomb threats
but you grave robbed with napalm and did a lot less
chose the right flows to bite, bit the wrong end
so go take those shitty lips and get a shitty job next
I’m off the record on the regular but never recognized
humbled me, now I’m grateful when I get some shine
struggle teaches, used to rage, now its nevermind
Love Supreme, forgave you ahead of time
love for all living, love in the face of hate
love is the revolution and nothing remains the same
Algorhythms is nothing, it’s just a name...
single small moments and it’s all going up in flames...


released June 28, 2011
lyrics and vocals by Thirtyseven
beat by Dr. Quandary
recorded, mixed and mastered by Custom
original artwork by Diya Sarker





Algorhythms is a psychedelic rap duo, featuring lyrics by Thirtyseven and beats by Dr. Quandary.

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