Open Ended (Custom Remix)

by Algorhythms

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Remixed by Custom, who also recorded the original. The original track has not been released yet. It's probably weird to do this, but we all think this remix is fucking awesome and the album isn't ready yet, so...the remix drops first, yeah.


do I have a list of targets to neuter?
a does it start with a large group of army recruiters?
bro, is that a difficult job sometimes?
is it hard for you to see a kid kissing his mom goodbye?
and did you apologize after he died
or was it back to the grind, cuz you more got cattle to find?
matter fact, who am I to be aiming the blame at you?
If I'm claiming innocence, I'm basically crazy, too
and is it possible for me to sleep peacefully
when I still pay taxes and I keep eating meat?
why are we so comfortable swimming in blood?
like killing is just the high cost of living it up?
is the life that you lead too polite to free?
do patterns happen? do cycles repeat?
and do we form a system called the global brain
or the superorganism if you wanna doper name?
do you pay dues or do you cheat gracefully?
do you believe in free speech or Freemasonry?
and which profession is giving kids a thinking lesson
with simple questions in rhythmic perfection?
is it bragging if you really got that nastiness?
smacked the shit out every rapper kid you battled with?
wait...and am I capable of rational thought?
I think I have but it doesn't happen a lot...
and when I get a track as nasty as this Custom remix
how could I keep this stuff a secret? just unleash it
is it so potent, the sky broke open
in slow motion, off a low control dosage?
is true religion all human fiction?
tell me, how was Judas living post-crucifixion?
how many rap veterans get better with time?
are they still wrecking it live, or has the energy died?
shit, do even people even get paid for making music?
are we insane to do this? or can we create a movement?
...stay tuned, kids, you ready to rock?
does hip hop still give you an adrenaline shot?
and when I saw that governments are evil freaks
who cannot be stopped peacefully, do you agree with me?
do you push, come and shove? are you down or not?
have you ever been tempted on the mountaintop?
and if not, what the fuck do you expect me to do?
spend my whole life up here, dissecting the view?
take a bunch of random dots, connect them for you
and try not to get depressed when you accept it as truth?
exactly how long am I willing to wait?
until one small slip becomes a killer mistake?
and will I take it where it needs to be taken?
the seed of creation, or just another meaningless statement?
I leave it to you, and place faith in people who do,
because we came here with nothing and we leave with it, too...


released August 23, 2010
lyrics and vocals by Thirtyseven
beat and vocal recording/mixing by Custom
additional support by Louis Mackey



all rights reserved



Algorhythms is a psychedelic rap duo, featuring lyrics by Thirtyseven and beats by Dr. Quandary.

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