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[Sample] Take a look Don't it make you wanna fly..?
Some people starve to death over numbers in computers Some people eat to death, cuz they're nothing but consumers Some people read the news, but they never make connections Some people lose their minds trying to separate the messages Chillax — fall back on your genetic design Just let it unwind, learn to feel it's breath on your spine Cuz if it happens, it happened — I am not concerned Watched it burn... finally at a loss for words People say a good student digs his teacher's grave So tell Karl Rove that graduation is a week away Risking play with even the simple equations You wind up with a monster that lives in your basement But this is basic stuff, just language that I tangled up And thanks to crazy drugs, I came to love the taste of blood ... when I say humans are food, it's not selfish at all You adapt or die, I'm just here to help you evolve Maybe give the hand of god a small push in random spots Reshaping the tree of life, breaking dead branches off Systems, divisions, conditions, restrictions Get 'em addicted — people start spreading the sickness Infected the electrical feed that God connected to me From secret weapons in Greece to Pepsi vending machines Held my mind perfectly still with hash vapors Empty lines and verses I built on graph paper
It's been awhile Since I sat down and wrote to a beat Nowadays I'm an out of place opium freak I still bark at the moon and bite marketing dudes You will not see my album in Target this June I walked the line up until I lost my mind Cuz I haven't got the time to really be an honest guy ... and that's a tricky methodology, you follow me? I change names randomly to maintain sanity The medium is music, the mind is the weapon The beat is the pulse that's providing the message I leave behind in every single mind that I mess with A virus connected, like a sinus infection ... target practice, slapstick, Charlie Chaplin full starving artist package, party crashing Harvard frat kids like, "thanks for the drugs!" Aim for the rug, and leave that shit stained for a month The vodka tonic got me sweating a bit Cuz you can never predict shit when Thirtyseven is ripped Dangerous brain — no playing it safe Containing my rage, or watching what I say when I'm blazed Monkey religion is a substance addiction I got twelve steps for recovering Christians Listen: this is not a popularity contest For bitter little rich kids and arrogant potheads (So what's this?) A message to humans with guts (And what's that?) To live crazy and do as you must (And how come?) Cuz most monkeys are stupid as fuck (And why's that?) Thanks to bad food, music and drugs Composing with silence, provoking a riot And showing open horizons to broken appliances ... not distracted with surface reactions I learned how to practice a system to see Listen and breathe to find the rhythm beneath Whatever physical meat I've got to live in this week ... breath is a weapon, perfected my method With sentences stretching in every direction I'm armed to the teeth, spit sharpened and clean My tools are invisible and hard to believe But trust me, I function on nothing but weed, beats Drums and machines with malfunctioning screens It's '07 and the spark has died So please, don't march in line with target signs Times have changed, we gotta redesign the game To find a way to survive until the final days So what's this?
It's the bridge burning specialist, call for free estimates From bitchy secretaries who refuse to take messages Complicate relationships, make enemies instantly When it comes to fucking up, I'm one of the best in the industry True enough — show up at your house, do some drugs Then crank my music up until I pass out puking blood ... you want a taste of this? Sit down and make a list Of all that dangerous and crazy shit you were too afraid to risk Like robbing banks in Vegas, hooking up with famous chicks And nowadays I take a piss in public and get paid for it Don't need to see the cops to know that I'm being watched I walk crooked, so snipers can't get a decent shot Got a natural talent for balancing polar opposites Flow provocative poems and roll in stolen rocket ships I could float along but my whole approach was wrong So I wrote this song to figure out what the fuck to focus on ... a seven day cleansing break just to meditate On how to end the hate that I've been seeing every day With no solution in sight, and so I'm using this mic To speak my soul and keep this whole community tight But I'm a tricky dude, I'm always moving to a different groove And this is just a sample of the channels that I'm flipping through Rocking business suits, still eating cold kitten food Stoned, giving you shit up in your own living room cuz (Everyone hates me) — and there's a reason for that When you're speaking the facts, weak people get mad (Everyone hates me) — we know a lot of you cats are talking some trash, we watch it and laugh
Look — Forgive me if I play my cards close to my chest I learned to plan for the worst and hope for the best The only real reason for humans making music Is to clearly, honestly communicate true shit Universal blueprints for worldwide movements Not saying I have it, but I probably got a few hints Packing the room, cuz that's what I do And there's precious little time left to pass it to you We tested out the weaponry, what's left to see Is how your trajectory connects to me, eventually I've rocked keg parties in Vermont with a band Watch it expand, then reinvest the profits in land Yeah right — last night we didn't even get paid But the people who came are the real reason we play I love where I live and I build with my team To make motherfucking sure that our children are free Home school pro tools, raise my kids right Meditation masters trained in fist fights Practice Tai Chi, let their minds breathe Leaving time free to dance and climb trees Cuz the happiest child stays active and wild And can't even speak a sound without cracking a smile I don't have to believe it, I've been there and seen it This is dedicated to Obie, Chekie, Eden And Aidan, the next generation to balance the equation Amen At seventeen, I didn't know what dedication was So I made it up, building scar tissue out of paper cuts I wrote what I lived — you spit what you know The problem is, then you’ve got to live what you wrote Art is a curse, I could make a billion dollars a verse And still be losing sleep trying to polish my work And living with the nothing that my knowledge is worth At least rapping for a living has some obvious perks But when you're sleeping in a bag on a stranger's floor You see freedom is a trap and go insane on tour Big on contradiction, figured you could handle it Thinking like a business and we're drinking like an anarchist yeah, right, last night we didn't even get paid but all the people who came are the real reason we play I love where I live and I build with my team To make motherfucking sure that our children are free
I'm just a decent lyricist who had a peak experience So now I think in circles and speak in pyramids 2006: same shit, different century It's killing me how people still believe the myth of entropy Write my own equations, spiral spoken language The rapping session backwoods legend, broke and famous I drop a random flow that burns a perfect Mandelbrot Crop sign, then drop rhymes for the fans at home Lately I've been tripping off the math that I see Patterns in trees, cuz everything is fractals to me I live with the proof you go broke spitting the truth I'm finished with dudes debating over who's sicker than who ... that punchline shit is honestly pathetic So I drop it without pausing for the audience to get it (got it?) And thank God for quality pot, dudes who deliver the goods Watching the crop cuz they live in the woods And it's the naked ape who's got the wake and bake ritual Pack an eighth a day and spit razor blade syllables It's not true till it hurts, so I refused to rehearse Got blazed onstage, started doing my verse, it went: Second nature — three shots, and then a chaser I waited twenty minutes, then I grabbed the pen and paper I rock a rictus grin with a twist of gin Just to loosen up the lizard skin that I exist within Usually buzzed — lately when I'm doing some drugs I'm stupid enough to wake up in a cruiser with cuffs Around the bend, lost contact with a thousand friends Practiced mountain Zen, but that shit's about to end... We bring the funk, spitting up something hicks can bump Up on the back roads, getting mad stoned and liquored up Until your liver busts, learn to switch it up to different drugs The soundtrack to crashing your dad's pickup truck If I start at the beginning and I end it when it's finished Then can I explain the Universe in less than seven minutes? Dig it — I was born obsessed with dinosaurs and outer space And that's the reason that I'm speaking how I sound today Before I see inside the back of my head There's a lot of facts and events that probably have to be said But fuck it: the track's in motion, crack it open Lay my brain on the table and try to map the ocean My frontal lobes roll every drunken show Where I'd bust a flow, puke outside and stumble home Memory gaps, too much missing, never relaxed Not knowing if I settled all my debts with the past Jaw tension, freestyle tapes, lost sessions Fallen angels caught messing with God's weapons But life is different now, I used to be a kid with doubts Denied the visions and blocked the signals out I lost connection in all directions Forgot that each breath has been a pretty awesome blessing And it's all perception, a million mixed messages So keep your mind moving and your fingertips sensitive If I start at the beginning and I end it when it's finished Then can I explain the Universe in less than seven minutes? Dig it — I was born obsessed with dinosaurs and outer space And that's the reason that I'm speaking how I sound today I grew up sleeping late and reading strange comic books So every time I let my mind go, my mom was shook But now today, I found a way to twist the digits back And if you don't see it, so be it — I can live with that...
[Samples] "Doctor, that's the highest-priority secret message we've ever had in the Pentagon, and we've had some! This is a plum assignment for you, making a trip of this sort merely to report what you see. How does it feel to be the head of a project as immense as this one?" "Truthfully it's a little terrifying... but you mustn't print that, Steve..." "Well I should think it would be terrifying. I know enough to believe there's an outside chance you'll make it... but aren't you worried about getting back?" "I used to climb the Swiss Alps... our greatest ambition then was to climb the highest possible peak. We worried later about getting back." "Can I quote *that*, Doctor?" "If you wish." -- "You're a famous man — one of the outstanding scholars of our time... that's why you're coming with us... but there'll be no speeches on TV!" "I am considered a scholar but unfortunately that hasn't made me rich. On the contrary, it's left me quite poor. I was to be given $3000 for my appearance on television..." "Uh, just a minute, Doctor... ... ... hello?"
Fuck yes I used to be a cynical dude Had myself a shitty attitude which didn't improve Until I found about an ounce of some ridiculous shrooms And cracked my head open to some primitive truth On spherical floor with an infinite roof Spinning in space, I look out and grin at the moon Lately, I live my life simple and smooth Just grateful for the galaxy that gives me this food Stay tuned to little hidden physical cues And listen to the bullshit that children consume They're too addicted to stupid, derivative loops To really understand intangible original moves Don't hate what I make cuz it sounds different to you Cuz this is me, and my soul, flipping the groove With rapid rhymes cuz that's what I'm conditioned to do Spitting images too intricate to fit in this booth I used to have dreams about starting the movement A revolt of the poets, the artist and students But kids act up, and that's part of the blueprint Just like the public schools and the cars and the music I learned this Leary and Marshall McLuhan So if you see me as an easy target, you're stupid I lost you in Dallas, departed from Houston Stay awake and alive, cuz martyrs are useless It's been a long time... I'm glad that I left you I've been practicing chess moves and snacking on fresh fruit ... spit spirals of visual art, then rip it apart Before it hits the critics and sharks Who want me framed, wombats cannot be tamed Copied, changed or wrapped up and bought today Just walk away... I'll never change what I created For the sake of entertainment, y'all can pay me when I'm famous I follow this path because it's all that I have And it's an obvious fact you got a problem with that I'm like so be it — yeah, you people get some lawyers I got Aretha divas and Shiva the Destroyer Half mathematician, half black magician Surpass the limit of this holographic image With lab technicians keeping track of facts and fiction Used to lack conviction, now I make an active difference Stand back cuz this is more than raps I've written It's patterns, rhythms, equations and vacuum physics Tracks so vivid critics have to listen Got your favorite rapper sniffing outside the master's kitchen
1981, and my mother's watching me breathe As she rocks me to sleep on green hospital sheets 1985, and my mother taught to me to read ... cracked open a universe of options for me Now it's two thousand something, and I got some dope production Catch me getting stoned and letting go old assumptions And poison lessons, the machine feels threatened Cuz a child can destroy you with one simple question ... thinking back to physics, math and English class Teachers had me feeling wicked bad for the gifts I had If we behaved, they let us out for some air I was young, but I could see the how and the where But the what and the why kinda fucked with my mind And something inside me knew that it was nothing but lies It's easy to bitch about some meaningless shit But never even admit what really needs to be fixed So whatever people are saying, I'm not even debating The simple fact school is obedience training But here's an honest salute to the quality few: A million good teachers who have gotten us though Nut get in line and never try to second-guess the leader? That's brainwashing, baby — that's not respecting teachers Here's a quality concept: find yourself a payphone Call in a bomb threat, and now everyone can stay home 1996, with the tenth strip on my tongue A talk with Goddess plus a round trip to the sun 2001, I see our parents depressed Cuz everything they fought for is apparently dead So now I'm turning twenty-something and I got some dope production Catch me getting stoned and letting go of old assumptions And dreams — living life with substance and teeth Cuz love is supreme... 1981, and my mother's watching me breathe As she rocks me to sleep on green hospital sheets 1985, and my mother taught to me to read ... cracked open a universe of options for me So thank you for that, now I'm dedicating this track To simply stating the fact that I'll be paying it back Making contributions, changes and improvements Creating some solutions with the patience of a Buddhist I'll say it and I'll prove it
... do I have a list of targets to neuter? Does it start with a large group of army recruiters? And bruh, is that a difficult job sometimes? Is it hard for you to see some kid kissing his moms goodbye? And did you apologize after he died Or was it back to the grind, cuz you more got cattle to find? And matter of fact, who am I to be aiming the blame at you? If I'm claiming innocence, I'm basically crazy, too And is it possible for me to sleep peacefully When I still pay taxes and I keep eating meat? ... why are we so comfortable swimming in blood? Like killing was just the high cost of living it up? ... and is the life that you lead too polite to free? Do patterns happen? Do cycles repeat? And do we form a system called the global brain Or the super-organism if you wanna doper name? Do you pay dues or do you cheat gracefully? Do you believe in free speech or Freemasonry? ... which profession is giving kids a thinking lesson With simple questions in rhythmic perfection? And is it bragging if you really got that nastiness? And smack the shit out any rapper kid you battled with? Wait... and am I capable of rational thought? I think I have but it doesn't happen a lot Or happen for long... but how can I get back to the song And convey to Quan that this track was an actual bomb? Like is it so potent, the sky broke open In slow motion, off a low control dosage? Is true religion all human fiction? (Tell me) How was Judas living post-crucifixion? How many rap veterans get better with time? Are they still wrecking it live, or has the energy died? Shit, do even people even get paid for making music? Are we insane to do this, or can we create a movement? ... stay tuned, kids — are you ready to rock? Does hip hop still give you an adrenaline shot? And when I sau that governments are evil freaks Who cannot be stopped peacefully, do you agree with me? Do you push, come and shove? Are you down or not? Have you ever been tempted on the mountaintop? And if not, what the fuck do you expect me to do? Spend my whole life up here, dissecting the view? Take a bunch of random dots, connect them for you And try not to get depressed when you accept it as truth? And exactly how long am I willing to wait? Until one small slip becomes a killer mistake? ... and will I take it where it needs to be taken? The seeds of creation, or just another meaningless statement? I leave it to you, and place faith in people who do Because we came here with nothing and we'll leave with it, too
We live in the darkness of shitty apartments We get depressed, obsess and second guess We tend to lose faith every twenty-two days But we still create, grow, build and break bones And this is dedicated to the weird kids that hear this Stay fearless — look past the appearance I wrote the book on naked massage And made a collage with papers from my neighbor's garage And everyone insists they spit doper than you Look, I play strip poker at the Smithsonian, too And I'm over it, dude — all that games that I played Are breaking up like papier-mâché and fading away They can't swallow an ounce of my liquid Sat down to vibe with it and drowned in five minutes At age six, I was a comfortable kid ... had a whole lot of Legos and I loved where I lived But then something just flipped up inside of my head Now I kinda regret most of the life that I led, shucks ... still moving, though — sleeping at the studio Doing shows, hop offstage and watch the rumors grow (And that's just how we do it, bro) So whatchu bitch about? Whatchu think you can't live without? What's the image that you kick around, sitting down? Whatchu love to hate? What's your last bad drunk mistake? And tell me when we're gonna raise the fucking stakes? Whatchu wanna be? What's your best guess prophecy? What's your plan, man? Talk to me, honestly Whatchu need from me? What's your comfort zone frequency? What's it take to make the people free, equally? And whatchu doing NOW, to help a fellow human out? I used to have to prove it, now there's room for doubt So what do I believe in? Everybody suffers for a reason And love is the blood that gives it meaning We live in the darkness of shitty apartments We get depressed, obsess and second guess We tend to lose faith every twenty-two days But we still create, grow, build and break cages
I'm the naked truth with a brain that's tuned to changing moons Sabretooth, chasing you through your neighbor's room Off an eighth of shrooms — so touch that with a stick Above average and fit to crush rappers so quick That they bump backwards and skip — backwards and skip If they attack the skinny cracker with the Dracula spits Cuz every word is a tool, and every joke is a weapon At a show when I'm sweating inside the clothes that I slept in From cocky as fuck to hunger pain knotting me up Poverty sucks and I have not forgotten it once Death is the bitch, I'm loving every second I live If Heaven exists, it doesn't sound better than this, but uh... ... In sixty years, this will all disappear And so be it, that's still no reason to live in fear ... bottom line, if we all got killed today Allah builds and breaks, man, it's still the same Milky Way Congratulations, you wasted an active imagination To be bad actors making some matching fashion statements Hippies are the future storm troopers of America Little Trustafarians, shooting all the sheriffs up What you believe is what you pay them to believe And you'll trade in for a sweet custom place in the machine I've seen it happen — cuz I've been crying, screaming, laughing At a bunch meat puppets all stuck in repeating fractions Yeah, I make assumptions, it's the only way the brain can function Hard to be creative in a great big naked nothing I'm sick of safe discussions, staged debates with puppets Who embrace living in the same prisons they grew up in ... but in sixty years, this will all disappear And so be it, that's still no reason to live in fear, baby ... cuz bottom line, if we all got killed today... Allah builds and breaks, and it's still the same Milky Way
(Everyone hates me...) ... so blessings, greetings and welcome to the show In case you didn't know, mankind is not alone So deny that while you can cause you'll find out on your own And I'm back from staring the abyss down finally Finding peace and didn't have to flip out violently I'm back from a long irresponsible breakdown I've always wanted to take to vomit my brains out I'm back and better than whenever you heard me Jacked off adrenaline, back from the desert and thirsty But first we need to settle up a couple of debts To everybody that's been repping us, love and respect Thank you my friends, now Quan gave me some gems ... he's got me breaking out the Graph Paper again But 2008 was a much darker place So I use sharper blades to spruce up the pages Pardon the blood, just being an artist and stuff Whatever happens next, at least our particles touched To the people who perceived me as speaking the truth? I'm nothing special and believe me, neither are you Going crazy cause I'm staying up all night on acid A white kid classic, just another rite of passage Honesty is life so I gotta be concise Cause a lot of kids talking shit and flopping on the mic So welcome to the slaughterhouse, pull your dollars out So you can watch my words coming out your daughter's mouth Like, you said it was protection and you said it was kindness The best I can say to you is everyone's lying And nobody knew what to say when we were broken in two And our only crime is doing what you told us to do So now don't be surprised when the voice of your kids Gets choked on the lies that you poisoned them with, yeah ... freedom of choice is bitch — deal with it That's the real physics even if you feel different


First released in 2008, the self-titled debut EP from Algorhythms quickly acquired a cult following and established the duo's reputation as purveyors of psychedelic & thought-provoking rap music.

With a new album in the works for 2014, Dr. Quandary & Thirtyseven turned to engineer Walter Westinghouse of The NEKtones to have the Algorhythms EP completely remastered. The Deluxe Edition boasts markedly higher-quality audio and brand new artwork by Dewey Saunders, along with some added bonuses: three B-sides from the early Algorhythms sessions, and the previously unreleased original version of "Ram Nam Satya Hai".


released February 2, 2014

originally released 02 February 2008 by World Around Records

Algorhythms is:
Thirtyseven (J. Boland) - lyrics, vocals
Dr. Quandary (K. Tierce) - beats, scratches, production

Recorded & mixed by Justin Boland & Chris Dizzy at Liquid Wet Studios, St. Johnsbury, VT
“Ram Nam Satya Hai” mixed by Dr. Quandary at The Sun Dome, Boston, MA
“Precious Little Time”, “Open Ended” & “Trust” recorded & mixed by Nick Williams for Custom Landscaping

Remastered by Walter Westinghouse for NEKTones

Cover artwork & design by Dewey Saunders for Dewey Saunders Studio, all rights reserved.





Algorhythms is a psychedelic rap duo, featuring lyrics by Thirtyseven and beats by Dr. Quandary.

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