by Algorhythms

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Algorhythms would like to thank:

Carl Higdon, Walter Westinghouse, Kaleigh Bird, Louis Mackey, John Keel, Matthew Scott of The NEKtones, Graham Bond, Kyle Martel, Vrillon, Jacques Vallee, Chris Dasaro, Dakota Crane, Whitley Streiber & Panos Cosmatos.


released August 10, 2014

Written & performed by Thirtyseven (J. Boland) with beats by Dr. Quandary (K. Tierce)

Vocals recorded by Louis Mackey at Vault 46, Boston, MA

Original artwork by the inimitable S.Maharba



all rights reserved



Algorhythms is a psychedelic rap duo, featuring lyrics by Thirtyseven and beats by Dr. Quandary.

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Track Name: Liber Astra
...never knew what you were building here
footnotes, baby, our pages span a billion years
waiting/wading at the edge of the sea
gazing at the angels we were destined to be
but we’d never live to see, kinda bittersweet
apes making babies and dying for the dream
fine: dream bigger, eyes on the prize
with maps of the stars and supplies for the ride
Algorhythms, still performing on Earth
and if we gave it away, that’s still more than it’s worth
for the Pagans at play and the Mormons at work
and the agents of change and the orphans at birth
it’s a big damn planet ... room to thrive
humankind used to let me down but now the dude abides
...better than bitching cuz breathing is DOPE
you need a reason to fight, forget a reason to hope
yeah, I been screaming all night, but hey, the people should know
your freedom’s a joke, cuz after all, it’s cheaper to own shit
so we don’t even see the control -
with electric lights to exorcise demons and ghosts
you can feel it but leave it alone,
then parade around in daylight, completely at home and you know this...
…you also know that you’re not
just woke up young and never coped with the shock
all grown up and lost with a home and job
a big ball of panic with a broken facade
on a big ball of granite in a big empty space
….a small miracle that could fix any face, right?
smile, stoopid, relax and just breathe
as the salt from your blood flows back in the sea
and a poisoned planet scatters it’s seeds....
Track Name: Orbitas
...the magicians other hand
the audience was watching but they didn’t understand
subconscious responses, subliminal commands
relax and watch the images expand
...the open seams in your head
oaths that you’ve broken - dreams you forget
it’s burned from your brain but it’s deep in your chest
and it needs to be freed from your flesh
...the science of sleep
from lucid levitation to flying at speeds
that can take an ape to space to watch Leviathan breathe
total silence, and finally, peace
...the glory of that orbital view
when you realized you were losing more than you knew
paperclips and staplers, reports and reviews
it’s a con so of course we’re confused
...the cult of control
returns on investments, results you can show
men with some questions, consultants and clones
buzzards and vultures with phones
…they’re picking it clean
claiming it mine & draining it dry, living the dream
the same silent scream in every image we see
we all get to be a witness at least least we get to believe
there’s a script behind every last memorable scene
and an audience for every single second you breathe
letting go’s a hard lesson to teach
...there’s a billion of you
all wasting days to pay for their bills and their food
the schools and the prisons, office buildings and zoos
and the flags that we filmed on the moon
...the magicians other hand
the audience was watching but they didn’t understand
subconscious responses, subliminal commands
...proceed with the ritual as planned.
Track Name: The Eighth Tower
Don't you hate when people take sides?
The North saying it was slavery being made right
The South saying it was basically 'bout States' rights
And both were fragrantly insane lies
But winners always want to claim prizes
So someone's always justifying state violence
Every story, you're the victim getting saved by it
Cut to real life — open fire on the race riots

And have you ever seen a straight line?
Your own fingerprints manipulating spacetime
Every second's a projection of your brain's lies
Dirty hands, open eyes and a changed mind
... spotted off the East coast at dawn
It reached the West Wing lawn before an intercept could launch
The second that they woke him up, it vanished on the spot
They thought that it was odd, but that's the nature of the job

She watched him from across the room
Tracing every line, memorizing how his body moved
Never spoke a word as she talked it through
Thinking over everything she never said but wanted to
... don't you hate it when the stories clash?
What's the point of being burdened by the boring facts?
And the questions that you know you can't afford to ask?
In the parking lot, screaming at the quarterback

See the same scene in any city you go:
Seven billion shining diamonds in an infinite row
We share it every second yet we live it alone
But to them, it's just a single big continuous show
... spotted off the East coast at dawn
It reached the West Wing lawn before an intercept could launch
The day it all changed, the world watched in awe
The shock of recognition; the faces of the Gods
Track Name: Galaxy Map
I flow fresher with age, read more every month
know less every day, now I just orbit the Sun
we hear more than we see, see more than we know
know less than we think, it’s like a horrible joke

a watchful kid, always curious & never talkative
born with a huge horizon and he broadened it
cosmic drift, along with all the awkwardness of consciousness
he caught a glimpse and never lost his grip
more than measuring the math of the doppler shift
real time watching it, span a couple continents
he could tune into the nested waves
started charting out the harmonies of empty space
started noticing his lonely gift in second grade
sight and sound was impossible to separate
they called it synaesTHEsia, but never saw it move
the world of surfaces was all they knew
solid smooth molecules that always follow rules
monkeys say they got it proved but God is not amused

I flow fresher with age, read more every month
know less every day, now I just orbit the Sun
we hear more than we see, see more than we know
know less than we think, it’s like a horrible joke
Track Name: Status Q
since I was young, I’ve thought something’s wrong
so I used to have my doubts, but now I love my job
...locals felt the blast for five miles
lights were something huge, everybody knew
I showed up in a suit and satisfied smile it’s all just a classified file
big story, never made the evening news
easy, too, an operation we routinely do
…that’s what this country needs my team for
lifetime of silence behind the green door with decisions that we never made
...prepped and trained...orders get obeyed
helicopter drop report to the crash
reconnaisance, recovery, recording the facts
the evidence, every individual case
the visuals change, strange, contradictory shapes
strangers sniffing you for the ritual chase
waking up dazed and stunned, shiver and shake
fear and doubt, feel your thoughts clearing out
always seems so easy til it’s here and now
...saw it coming but I didn’t move
just always seems so impossible until it’s you
always seemed so easy to control the story
until I had my whole world broken open for me
saw it all in slow motion and I couldn’t hold it
shattered glass of every little crooked moment
...moving image is the new religion
and I used to save the world, now I do the dishes
best role I could get, but it’s only a set
another in joke that’s over my head
but on a clear night, I know that I’m blessed
still young, dumb and happy with a home and a bed
and I’m set... (and I’m set)
I also know that’s a lie
but I seem to keep the demons down most of the time
just another broken weapon, toss the wreckage aside
but I’ll never understand why they left me alive
illusion of depth, I remember how the edges fit
I guess the rest of it, I choose to forget
the whole thing never left, never made a shred of sense
never slept the same in any bed I’ve ever been in
never forgot the shape of the lights
never quite remembered what remained of the night
that’s alright…....I never wanted to know,
...just want to do my job and go home
I like getting stoned and watching my shows
in the kitchen drinking coffee alone...
thinking monkey with a body of bones
...people listen then they see me different
so I used to talk about it, now I keep my distance
once I finally saw the feeding system...
thinking we were preconditioned to be easy pickins
...I saw it coming and I’m living proof
always seems so impossible until it’s you
Track Name: Pyre Ships
saw the setting sun from the desert once or twice
long nights waiting for a death that never comes
living legend, a curse and a blessing
a long time alone with too many questions
too numb, too much to choose from
too many folks getting used once and chewed up
no traditions, no saints, no magicians
only Torquemada on the road to Lisbon
and history is so persistent
yet we never know the names of the ghosts we live with
a generation of adrenaline fiends
tethered to screens, death by six or seven degrees, you know
give or take, just need a little living space
running out room some with some overflowing dinner plates
guess it’s not a problem if you don’t admit it
off the record, no specifics, smoking gun, loaded image
the human mind is so consistent
always something stupid making monkeys go ballistic
...scratch that, it’s nothing to me
keep the good shit tucked up my combustible sleeves
saw the setting sun from the towers of the Temple House
swam the centuries and never drowned, been around
mythologized, leatherbound, kids forget me now
...just justice for the decades I let you down
give or take, I’ve idolized and imitated
and now today I’m just a fiction that some kid created
and underneath it, the secret of secrets
ten thousand year old man, but who’d believe it
myths and legends, respect to the bretheren
who posed their whole lives in the form of a question
moral and a message, madness and a method
meaning doesn’t matter, memories of Memphis
never could accept it, daughters and wives, all in a line
watching them die, the slaughter of time
beneath it, the secret of secrets
the bones and the blood and the screams of the phoenix
history is so persistent
yet you never knew the names of the ghosts you lived with
but we’ve been watching you, you’re so soft and smooth
but we’ve been watching you, you’re so soft